How to Choose the Budget Accommodation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong can be cheap, if you are a beggar and you know how to live. If you get here fresh from Lonely Planet, however, wait for difficulties if you want to spend a little. There are people who earn 500 Euros a month and survive in some way (and people who earn five thousand, six thousand, and ten thousand: the rich are still many). But the rents are a hit. Prices go up monstrously from year to year. I saw them, with these eyes, outside the agencies. You can save on the air fare by buying your tickets from airpaz.

(0) General notes

If you want to spend less than 5000 HKD prepared to:

(a) Share the house, and / or

(b) Live in the strait, and / or

(c) Live in unclean neighborhoods, and / or

(d) Live in unclean palaces, and / or

(f) Live in